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Synthetic Cells Made of Metal!

Source: University of Glasgow

As an avid fan of sci-fi, I’ve seen plenty of shows that speculate about lifeforms made of something other than carbon. Usually they take the form of silicon-based lifeforms. Although I’m not a chemist or biologist, from what I’ve learned from college chemistry (both inorganic and organic) and biology, there’s no scientific reason that lifeforms made of something other than carbon can’t exist.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that scientists from the University of Glasgow have created “cell-like bubbles” composed of tungsten, oxygen, and phosphorous. As DVICE puts it,

These bubbles can self-assemble, and they exhibit many of the same properties that allow biological cells to do what they do, including an internal structure and a selectively porous outer membrane that can let other molecules pass through. It may even be possible to set the metallic cells up to perform photosynthesis.

It’s amazing what we’re doing with science these days. Apparently the next step is to give these cells DNA-like materials, which may give them the ability to replicate and evolve. This would surely prove that non-corbon lifeforms can exist, and maybe do exist somewhere out in our huge universe.

via DVICE and University of Glasgow


Android Wacom Tablet?

Source: Yanko Design

I love Yanko Design because it showcases some amazing concept art, and not just for gadgets. This time around they’re showing off a design for an Android powered Wacom sketching tablet. I’ve always wanted a Wacom tablet just because it’s so cool, but I’m not much of an artist, so I don’t really need one. I also really want an Android tablet (a Transformer Prime, preferabbly), but one thing has always bothered me about Android tablets: they’re not exactly designed for sketching or drawing, particularly because they lack a pressure sensitive interface. Continue reading

Twitter Users Similar to Colonial Americans

A federal judge has ruled this year on a 2006 case that a man cannot be prosecuted for tweeting harassing phrases as it violates his First Amendment rights. This is great news that will serve as a precedent for future cases. Let it be known that you cannot be prosecuted for harassement on Twitter. But this can apply to more than just harrasement. Just like you have a right to protest, you have the right to say anything you want on Twitter. And in a time of SOPA and the NDAA, it’s good to know that some things work out in the end.

The judge on this case made a great statement regarding this right. And just like Gizmodo posted an excerpt of his statement, I will too, because there’s no way I can paraphrase it: Continue reading

Sony Turns Your Entire Living Room Into A Theater

What’s Sony up to now a days? All we hear about from them is chatter about Playstation news, which I’m not all too interested in. What I am interested in is what Sony has done to an all-white living room, which they call an “Immersive Movie Experience.” Take a look at my favorite video of the three created:

This is such an awesome concept, but the programming behind this must be really time crazy. If this could be adapted for normal homes, though, we could experience movies as if we were really there. We would be able to see above and below the camera, not to mention behind. Movie sets would have to be completely different if movies were filmed this way, which would probably cost quite a bit of money. Still, the concept is amazing, and I can’t wait until this becomes mainstream, if it ever does.


Tokyo 2.0 (Just in Case)

Source: Wikipedia

After the March 2011 earthquake, Japan thinks that they need to build a backup Tokyo. In the event of a natural disaster that cripples Japan’s capital, the government and 50,000 residents will evacuate to a standby city about 300 west of Tokyo. Apparently the backup city, affectionately known as IRTBBC (Integrated Resort, Tourism, Business and Backup City) will not only have government facilities but also office complexes, resorts, casinos, and parks. To top it all off, the city is also to include a 652 meter tower. My question is, do you really need casinos and resorts in your backup city, especially if it’s built for only 50,000 of Tokyo’s 13 million residents?

via World Architecture News

Another (Awesome) Vision of the Future from Microsoft

Source: DVICE

Microsoft has released yet another video of their vision of the future. This time it comes from the crew at Microsoft Office. It’s a pretty awesome vision, with ubiquitous touchscreens and technology integrated into everything.

There are a few things that seem a big outlandish, such as the holograms emanating from phones, but for the most part, I think a lot of this technology is definitely possible. I just wish the technology shown was available now. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Skin – A Concept Phone to Rule Them All

Designer Heyon You has created an amazing concept for a new Samsung phone. The Galaxy Skin is a super slim, flexible phone with two touch screens, a projector, and, best of all, it runs Android! Words can’t begin to describe the beauty of this concept phone, so take a look at the gallery below. Continue reading