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Android Wacom Tablet?

Source: Yanko Design

I love Yanko Design because it showcases some amazing concept art, and not just for gadgets. This time around they’re showing off a design for an Android powered Wacom sketching tablet. I’ve always wanted a Wacom tablet just because it’s so cool, but I’m not much of an artist, so I don’t really need one. I also really want an Android tablet (a Transformer Prime, preferabbly), but one thing has always bothered me about Android tablets: they’re not exactly designed for sketching or drawing, particularly because they lack a pressure sensitive interface. Continue reading


My Phone: HTC Sensation with MIUI

I thought it was about time to post something about my phone itself, for a change. As I’ve mentioned before, my current phone is an HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile. When I first got the phone, it was very laggy. HTC Sense UI is a horrible ROM for Android. It took me a while to finally root and change the ROM, since I waited until a permanent root method became available. What I chose was something that I had never tried on Android before: MIUI. I love MIUI. The lag is gone, and I have a blazing fast and functional phone. Continue reading

Android: Google Currents vs. Pulse

When Google Currents first came out, I was really excited. I had never read news a lot on my phone, but I thought Currents would change that. In a way, it did. I do read more news on my phone now, but I’ve abandoned Currents for Pulse. Here’s why.

1. Updating Articles

I completely understand that it takes time to update all the articles from all the sources that I’ve added to Currents, but why does Currents update on its own? I know that Android kills off background tasks to save memory, but I wouldn’t mind if Currents kept a small task that checked every 30 minutes or so for new articles. When I open currents, it doesn’t even update on its own anyway! I always need to hit the refresh button. Then I put away my phone and come back 10 minutes later to see what’s new. It’s ridiculous. Pulse at least keeps posts updated for you. Continue reading

Android App of the Week:

Source: Android Market

I don’t remember how I discovered, but I’m happy I did. This to do app is well designed, easy to use, and has a ton of useful features. I still haven’t decided if I like it better than Do It Tomorrow, though. At the moment, it’s a toss-up.

Continue reading

Android App of the Week – Evernote

I’ve made a lot of changes with my phone. Most notably I ditched Sense UI on my Sensation for MIUI, but that’s for another post.

My newest favorite app is Evernote. I’ve had the app on my phone a few times already, but it’s only recently I really started using it. Although I prefer OneNote to Evernote on PC, there aren’t any good OneNote apps for Android.

With all the project I work on and my class work, organize everything is a hassle. I’ve tried bookmarks, and now I have a folder filled with bookmarks without any context. I’ve tried the Chrome extension Tab Cloud, too. It was great a first, but then my suspended sessions started adding up, and now my Tab Cloud is as big of a mess as my bookmarks. And if I happened to discover something on my phone, I would always send it to myself in an email so I could figure out what to do with it later, leaving me with tons of emails simply labeled “Links.” Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Skin – A Concept Phone to Rule Them All

Designer Heyon You has created an amazing concept for a new Samsung phone. The Galaxy Skin is a super slim, flexible phone with two touch screens, a projector, and, best of all, it runs Android! Words can’t begin to describe the beauty of this concept phone, so take a look at the gallery below. Continue reading

Android App of the Week: SiMi Folder Widget

SiMi Folder Widget is effectively an app launcher for your home screen. Create a folder, customize the icon, associate apps with that folder, and place it on your home screen. Easy!

When you have a ton of apps like me, having to scroll through the app drawer to find one app is insane. In concert with Launcher Pro, SiMi Folder is a godsend. Any apps that I have in folders on my home screen(s), I hide in the app drawer.

It’s a fantastic app, and it helps me stay organized on my phone. Screenshots from the Android Market below.

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Source: Android Market