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Addicting Games

Recently I’ve found two very addicting games.

The first is a tycoon-style game called Corporation Inc. The goal: build up a corporation from the ground up. It was quite fun, although it got a little monotonous in the end when it was just really waiting around. Check it out for yourself:
I only built up the 18th floor, but still made over a billion dollars in 45 days. Not a bad profit at all. If only it were the real world.

The second game I’ve found doesn’t exactly have a name. It’s fun nevertheless: Think of it like brick breaker, but with chain reactions. Can you sustain the chain reaction long enough to clear the screen?


Music: Holiday, Love is Noise, & More

So it’s been a while. Even though I wanted to post every week, that hasn’t worked out. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Anyway, here’s some music I’ve discovered and re-discovered these past few weeks:

Dizzee Rascal’s Holiday

Although it was release in 2009 (and I’ve probably heard it before), I heard it again in London’s NYE fireworks display finale. My favority part of the song is the end, around 3:10 in the video below:

Although I also like the instrumental version of the song:

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New Years, DIY Gastric Bypass, Glasses Free 3D, & More

I’m just going to come out and say it. I LOVE FIREWORKS! Which is one reason why I love New Years Eve so much. Every year I look to two cities for NYE fireworks: London and Sydney.

Between the two, I always thought Sydney’s were the best, just because of the scale, length of the show, choreography to music, and sheer amount of fireworks. But this year, London stepped it up a notch (and Sydney seemed to fall). For the 2010/11 NYE, I think London takes the cake for an amazing show. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find an HD version of the display, but all I can find is 480p. Even in SD, though, the display is amazing:

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How Musical Are You?

I recently found this BBC test on musicality. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it was fun to take. I’d recommend taking it just for fun.

Link: (Note: you will need to register to take the test)

Here are my results:

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I’m Back!

Well, I was never gone, I just wasn’t posting. I’ve made up my mind, though, and I’m going to try to post more often, at least once a week. Most likely I’ll post a compilation of videos, music, and stories that I’ve found interesting throughout the week.

Along with my return is a new blog theme!