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Hotel Review – Hotel Zero 1 in Montreal, Canada

Continuing my review of my time in Montreal (I started the posts in May here), I thought it would be good to write up a review of the hotel I stayed at, Hotel Zero 1.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Montreal for a conference. I didn’t book my hotel until a few days before I was leaving (that wasn’t my fault, I swear). Naturally, all the budget hotels in the area around the conference center were full. The only hotel I could find for a reasonable price was Hotel Zero 1. There weren’t many reviews of the hotel at the time on the various travel sites, but their website ( had a lot of pictures of amazing looking rooms. So I took the plunge and booked a room for the nights of the conference.

One thing to note is that the hotel was still being remodeled during my stay. I never heard any of the construction, but there were still portions of the lobby and some floors that hadn’t been finished. I assume that the hotel is now completely remodeled. Continue reading


Travel & Food Tuesday: Yamatao in LA

As mentioned in my previous Tuesday post, I was in LA over Thanksgiving. My friend took me to an awesome sushi place for dinner called Yamato. I had driven past the restaurant earlier in the day, thinking it was some sort of church. I was surprised when I walked in, though. In front of me was the typical host podium, where they asked for a name and size of the party. Wet then sat down in a very comfortable lounge area and waited for our party to be called.

The main entrance of the restaurant opens up into a huge domed room, with 50 foot ceilings (at least). We later found out that the restaurant first used to be a church. It was then bought out by a bank, and now it’s a sushi restaurant. We got our table right where the domed area of the church ends and the straight portion leading to the main church starts (I wish I took pictures of the building inside). This Google Maps picture below will have to suffice.

Source: Google Maps

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Travel To Do List: Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock), Norway

Today I add yet another place to visit to my travel to do list. Pulpit Rock, although over a 2 mile hike from civilization, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. It sits almost 2,000 feet above the water flowing through Lysefjorden. From what I can tell, the views are spectacular.

Take a look at some videos on YouTube:

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Updated Publishing Schedule

With the addition of the new Architecture & Design category, I’m changing the publishing schedule to the following:

Music Monday
Travel & Food Tuesday
Android Wednesday
Gadget & Tech Thursday
Film & TV Friday
Car Saturday
Architecture & Design Sunday

Note that the categories at the top of the blog have been shortened so they can all fit.

Random posts will be publish… at random, of course!

Travel To Do List: Mount Hua, China

I stumbled across a video of the HuaShan Plank Path Walk on Youtube, and immediately knew I had to put Mount Hua on my travel to-do list.

Mount Hua has several temples scattered around the slopes and peaks, with one of the peak temples accessible via a narrow wooden plank walkway along the edge of a cliff.

Take a look at one account of the plank walk:

The view from the top definitely looks worth the climb. Continue reading

The Bering Strait Tunnel

This post doesn’t exactly fall into the Gadgets and Tech category, but it’s not what I would consider “Random” either. Maybe I need to create a new category for architecture and design-related posts…

While I ponder that thought, here’s some interesting news. The Bering Strait Bridge/Tunnel, a project that’s been on and off for over a century (a bridge was first proposed way back in 1892), might actually get built. The Kremlin recently gave the green light to build a road and rail tunnel which would link the Asian and North American continents for the first time in over 7,000 years (the last time the continents were linked was via the land mass Beringia, a land bridge between the two continents during the last ice age). At two times the length of the Channel Tunnel (aka Chunnel), the 64 mile Bering Strait Tunnel would become the world’s longest.

The Bering Strait (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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Carry-On Luggage Packing Tips

Source: The New York Times

I just discovered this New York Times article from 2010 about packing more efficiently, especially in carry-on luggage. Check out the “10 Days In a Carry-on” gallery with tips from a flight attendant.

Although I’d heard a lot of this advice before (like rolling clothes instead of folding), I had forgotten about it. I definitely plan to put these tips to good use on my next trip.

Source: The New York Times