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Synthetic Cells Made of Metal!

Source: University of Glasgow

As an avid fan of sci-fi, I’ve seen plenty of shows that speculate about lifeforms made of something other than carbon. Usually they take the form of silicon-based lifeforms. Although I’m not a chemist or biologist, from what I’ve learned from college chemistry (both inorganic and organic) and biology, there’s no scientific reason that lifeforms made of something other than carbon can’t exist.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that scientists from the University of Glasgow have created “cell-like bubbles” composed of tungsten, oxygen, and phosphorous. As DVICE puts it,

These bubbles can self-assemble, and they exhibit many of the same properties that allow biological cells to do what they do, including an internal structure and a selectively porous outer membrane that can let other molecules pass through. It may even be possible to set the metallic cells up to perform photosynthesis.

It’s amazing what we’re doing with science these days. Apparently the next step is to give these cells DNA-like materials, which may give them the ability to replicate and evolve. This would surely prove that non-corbon lifeforms can exist, and maybe do exist somewhere out in our huge universe.

via DVICE and University of Glasgow


Avatar News

By now, I’m sure almost everybody has seen Avatar. If you haven’t, I’d recommend you see it, especially in 3D (and IMax if you can). It really is a revolutionary movie. The way CGI and real actors are seamlessly integrated together is amazing.

Fun fact: James Cameron has been working on the idea for Avatar for 30 or so years. The last decade has been spent helping to develop the 3D camera technology he used for the movie.

There are some that dislike Avatar because of its supposed themes (environmental, political, religious, anti-feminist, etc). Seriously? It’s a sci-fi epic! You don’t watch movies like that for the supposed themes, but for the special effects, the plot, the characters, etc. Personally, I loved Avatar. Yes, the storyline is very similar to Pocahantos, Dances with Wolves, District 9, The Last Samuri, and even Ferngully, but it’s still a great movie. recently featured this picture, which is just hilarious:
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