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By now, I’m sure almost everybody has seen Avatar. If you haven’t, I’d recommend you see it, especially in 3D (and IMax if you can). It really is a revolutionary movie. The way CGI and real actors are seamlessly integrated together is amazing.

Fun fact: James Cameron has been working on the idea for Avatar for 30 or so years. The last decade has been spent helping to develop the 3D camera technology he used for the movie.

There are some that dislike Avatar because of its supposed themes (environmental, political, religious, anti-feminist, etc). Seriously? It’s a sci-fi epic! You don’t watch movies like that for the supposed themes, but for the special effects, the plot, the characters, etc. Personally, I loved Avatar. Yes, the storyline is very similar to Pocahantos, Dances with Wolves, District 9, The Last Samuri, and even Ferngully, but it’s still a great movie.

Failblog.org recently featured this picture, which is just hilarious:
Avatar Plot Fail

In a recent NY Times article, Annalee Newitz, the site editor for io9.com, said this:
In movies like “Avatar,” Ms. Newitz wrote, “humans are the cause of alien oppression and distress,” until a white man “switches sides at the last minute, assimilating into the alien culture and becoming its savior.”

Here’s my take on all of this controversy. Movies are made to let you escape from the real world for a few hours. If you want to sit there and analyze each scene for underlying themes, then be my guest. I prefer to just sit back, turn my brain off, and watch the action. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy documentaries and other intelectually stimulating movies, but with movies like Avatar, just shut up and watch the movie.

What are your thoughts on this whole debate?

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