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Travel To Do List: Mount Hua, China

I stumbled across a video of the HuaShan Plank Path Walk on Youtube, and immediately knew I had to put Mount Hua on my travel to-do list.

Mount Hua has several temples scattered around the slopes and peaks, with one of the peak temples accessible via a narrow wooden plank walkway along the edge of a cliff.

Take a look at one account of the plank walk:

The view from the top definitely looks worth the climb. Continue reading


Relaxing/Ambient Music

I’ve made a new playlist on Youtube with Relaxing/Ambient music. A lot of it is electronic, but it’d the type of stuff I like to listen to before bed sometimes. Check it out here:

Here’s one of the songs. It’s actually from the game Mass Effect.

If you like this type of music, I also suggest checking out The Space Dreams station is really chill.

The Google+ Song

Google+ explained in song form:

Source: Youtube via DVICE