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Android: Google Currents vs. Pulse

When Google Currents first came out, I was really excited. I had never read news a lot on my phone, but I thought Currents would change that. In a way, it did. I do read more news on my phone now, but I’ve abandoned Currents for Pulse. Here’s why.

1. Updating Articles

I completely understand that it takes time to update all the articles from all the sources that I’ve added to Currents, but why does Currents update on its own? I know that Android kills off background tasks to save memory, but I wouldn’t mind if Currents kept a small task that checked every 30 minutes or so for new articles. When I open currents, it doesn’t even update on its own anyway! I always need to hit the refresh button. Then I put away my phone and come back 10 minutes later to see what’s new. It’s ridiculous. Pulse at least keeps posts updated for you. Continue reading


Bo Burnham’s Rant

Bo Burnham is one of my favorite comedic artists. His raps/songs are so smart, laced with puns and rhymes. Below is one of my favorites, simply titled “Rant.” I know I’ve posted this before, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Bo Burnham during my commute, and I wanted to post this again.

Warning: Not for the swear-averse or extremely religious folks.

Yasmin & Bo Burnham

I recently discovered this great music video by Yasmin, for her single On My Own. Not only are the instrumentals great, but the lyrics are really good. Not to mention that the video is shot beautifully.

Then there’s this amazing remix on Sound Cloud:

Continue reading