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Samsung Galaxy Skin – A Concept Phone to Rule Them All

Designer Heyon You has created an amazing concept for a new Samsung phone. The Galaxy Skin is a super slim, flexible phone with two touch screens, a projector, and, best of all, it runs Android! Words can’t begin to describe the beauty of this concept phone, so take a look at the gallery below. Continue reading


Miami Dade College Campus Center – America’s Version of the CCTV Building

China’s CCTV building, China Central Television Headquarters designed by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren, has an amazing design that’s recognized around the world. So when I saw the concept for the Miami Dade College Campus Center, designed by Oppenheim Architects, all I could see was the CCTV building. What do you think? Is building plagiarism at work here?

CCTV HQ vs. Miami Dade Campus Center

Sources: Wikipedia and Yanko Design

The Bering Strait Tunnel

This post doesn’t exactly fall into the Gadgets and Tech category, but it’s not what I would consider “Random” either. Maybe I need to create a new category for architecture and design-related posts…

While I ponder that thought, here’s some interesting news. The Bering Strait Bridge/Tunnel, a project that’s been on and off for over a century (a bridge was first proposed way back in 1892), might actually get built. The Kremlin recently gave the green light to build a road and rail tunnel which would link the Asian and North American continents for the first time in over 7,000 years (the last time the continents were linked was via the land mass Beringia, a land bridge between the two continents during the last ice age). At two times the length of the Channel Tunnel (aka Chunnel), the 64 mile Bering Strait Tunnel would become the world’s longest.

The Bering Strait (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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