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Bombay Grill – Evanston, IL

Bombay Grill was my first foray into Indian food, and I loved it! The restaurant is a bit small, but cozy. I ordered the Lamb Saag, lamb with a spinach sauce. I was expecting to get a place with lamb and some sauce poured over it. I was a bit surprised when, instead, I got two bowls. One with rice and one with something that looked like green stew.

Needless to say, I wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Eventually I figured it out. The lamb was cut into smaller pieces in the spinach sauce. In the end, the dish was delicious. It was a good start to my exploration of Indian food.


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Sleek Solar-Powered Netbook

Computer manufacturers have been teasing consumers with solar powered laptops and computers for years, but the implementation of the technology has been a bit lackluster. Today Samsung revealed a sleek solar-powered netbook (the world’s first they claim). Two hours in the sun equals one hour of usage, which is a drop in the bucket considering the battery already provides over 14 hours of use. The catch? It’s releasing in Russia in early August (and for only 13,999 rubles! [about $500 USD]) with typical netbook specs. No word yet on when or if it’ll be coming to a store near you. Check out the cool pics below in the meantime:

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Red Faction: Origins (Syfy Channel movie) Review

Summary from IMDB:

On a Mars colony in the year 2145, an officer in a rebel militia discovers that his sister, who was abducted a dozen years before, is still alive and has been raised as a soldier whose goal is to bring about the destruction of her brother’s faction.

The main cast consists of Robert Patrick, Tamzin Merchant, Danielle Nicolet, and Brian J. Smith.


First off, I didn’t have high expectations for a Syfy Channel movie. Some of the past movies have been unbearably campy and low budget for a channel that’s supposed to be popular. I’m also not familiar with the Red Faction franchise. So I went into the movie with low expectations and not knowing about the whole franchise background.

That being said, now on to the review. Note, there are no spoilers in the below review.

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Energy Crisis Solved: Use the Moon!

How do we solve the world’s energy crisis? Use the moon of course!

A team of Japanese engineers has come up with the crazy idea of using the moon as a source of solar energy. If you think about it, the idea’s genius. The moon gets direct sunlight almost all the time, so it’s the perfect place to put some solar panels. The Japanese engineers from Shimizu Corporation (remember Fukushima?) call for a “Luna Ring” comprised of almost 7,000 miles of a 12-mile wide solar panel array. That’s 84,000 square miles of solar panels, almost the size of Utah!

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USB Powered Monitors

Recently read an article about USB powered monitors, and I’m quite excited. I’ve never actually heard about USB monitors until now. The concept is to use USB to power the monitor and transmit the picture. One cord provides power and picture, eliminating yet another wire from behind the computer. Manufacturers have run into problems with the power portion of the concept, as USB doesn’t transmit enough power for a full LCD monitor.

USB 3.0, however, offers almost twice as much power as USB 2.0, and Asus has taken advantage of that. Granted, the monitor is stripped of features, like speakers and USB ports, but personally, I don’t care. I use my monitors as monitors and have dedicated speakers and USB hubs. At only 16.5mm thick, the monitor is full HD with a 2ms response. Overall, this is something I’d love to have. No release date mentioned.

Asus USB 3.0 Monitor