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Hotel Review – Hotel Zero 1 in Montreal, Canada

Continuing my review of my time in Montreal (I started the posts in May here), I thought it would be good to write up a review of the hotel I stayed at, Hotel Zero 1.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Montreal for a conference. I didn’t book my hotel until a few days before I was leaving (that wasn’t my fault, I swear). Naturally, all the budget hotels in the area around the conference center were full. The only hotel I could find for a reasonable price was Hotel Zero 1. There weren’t many reviews of the hotel at the time on the various travel sites, but their website ( had a lot of pictures of amazing looking rooms. So I took the plunge and booked a room for the nights of the conference.

One thing to note is that the hotel was still being remodeled during my stay. I never heard any of the construction, but there were still portions of the lobby and some floors that hadn’t been finished. I assume that the hotel is now completely remodeled. Continue reading


Travel & Food Tuesday: Yamatao in LA

As mentioned in my previous Tuesday post, I was in LA over Thanksgiving. My friend took me to an awesome sushi place for dinner called Yamato. I had driven past the restaurant earlier in the day, thinking it was some sort of church. I was surprised when I walked in, though. In front of me was the typical host podium, where they asked for a name and size of the party. Wet then sat down in a very comfortable lounge area and waited for our party to be called.

The main entrance of the restaurant opens up into a huge domed room, with 50 foot ceilings (at least). We later found out that the restaurant first used to be a church. It was then bought out by a bank, and now it’s a sushi restaurant. We got our table right where the domed area of the church ends and the straight portion leading to the main church starts (I wish I took pictures of the building inside). This Google Maps picture below will have to suffice.

Source: Google Maps

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Pete Miller’s Seafood & Prime Steak

Pete Miller’s Seafood & Prime Steak
1557 Sherman Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

I’ve heard a lot about Pete Miller’s in my time in Evanston, but I’ve never had the chance to go, not to mention the money. Luckily, Groupon had a $25 for $50 deal for Pete Miller’s recently, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Today I finally visited for an early Easter dinner with family. Since it’s supposed to be well known for its steak, I figured I should order one. I tend to only order filet mignon when eating steak, but the server recommended the Kansas City steak, which is a New York cut with the bone, cooked with peppercorn and served with a cognac reduction sauce. I ordered it medium rare. Low res cell phone picture below:

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