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Android Wacom Tablet?

Source: Yanko Design

I love Yanko Design because it showcases some amazing concept art, and not just for gadgets. This time around they’re showing off a design for an Android powered Wacom sketching tablet. I’ve always wanted a Wacom tablet just because it’s so cool, but I’m not much of an artist, so I don’t really need one. I also really want an Android tablet (a Transformer Prime, preferabbly), but one thing has always bothered me about Android tablets: they’re not exactly designed for sketching or drawing, particularly because they lack a pressure sensitive interface. Continue reading


Taking Android on Set

Having a smartphone might be nice to just quickly glance at a script, but if you want to start making edits or letting your actors read off of the script, the small smartphone screen just makes it almost impossible. I’ve been wanting to buy an Android tablet for a few months, and with a slew of new and existing photography and film-themed apps, I want one even more now.

If I were to get an Android tablet, there are only two I’d even consider: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Both are amazingly well designed and have great features. I’m going to restrain myself, though, and wait until the next generation Android tablets begin rolling out with the Tegra 3 (aka Kal-El) quad-core. We’re already hearing rumors on specs for the next Transformer. While I’ve been waiting for the release, I’ve been researching the apps that I’d want. Continue reading