Saab’s PheoniX Concept Car

Source: Auto Blog

At the 2011 Geneva Auto Show, Saab debuted a new hatchback concept car called the PheoniX. Since Saab has now declared bankruptcy, it’s even more unlikely than usual that this concept will become reality. It really was a beautifully designed concept car, but all we can do now is dream. Check out some concept art below and head over to Auto Blog for some photos from the Geneva Auto Show.

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Hop On The Road Train

After an unforeseen 3 day break for festivities, I’m returning to my regular schedule of posting. To make up for the break, I’ll be posting two post on each day, starting with the 3 days I missed through this upcoming Friday.

With the first of my car related posts, I bring you a story from 2010 about road trains.


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Breaking Bad

I just started watching AMC’s Breaking Bad this week on recommendation from a friend. I didn’t think too much of it from his description of the show, but after watching an episode and half, I think I may be hooked.

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Sony Turns Your Entire Living Room Into A Theater

What’s Sony up to now a days? All we hear about from them is chatter about Playstation news, which I’m not all too interested in. What I am interested in is what Sony has done to an all-white living room, which they call an “Immersive Movie Experience.” Take a look at my favorite video of the three created:

This is such an awesome concept, but the programming behind this must be really time crazy. If this could be adapted for normal homes, though, we could experience movies as if we were really there. We would be able to see above and below the camera, not to mention behind. Movie sets would have to be completely different if movies were filmed this way, which would probably cost quite a bit of money. Still, the concept is amazing, and I can’t wait until this becomes mainstream, if it ever does.


Android App of the Week:

Source: Android Market

I don’t remember how I discovered, but I’m happy I did. This to do app is well designed, easy to use, and has a ton of useful features. I still haven’t decided if I like it better than Do It Tomorrow, though. At the moment, it’s a toss-up.

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Travel & Food Tuesday: Yamatao in LA

As mentioned in my previous Tuesday post, I was in LA over Thanksgiving. My friend took me to an awesome sushi place for dinner called Yamato. I had driven past the restaurant earlier in the day, thinking it was some sort of church. I was surprised when I walked in, though. In front of me was the typical host podium, where they asked for a name and size of the party. Wet then sat down in a very comfortable lounge area and waited for our party to be called.

The main entrance of the restaurant opens up into a huge domed room, with 50 foot ceilings (at least). We later found out that the restaurant first used to be a church. It was then bought out by a bank, and now it’s a sushi restaurant. We got our table right where the domed area of the church ends and the straight portion leading to the main church starts (I wish I took pictures of the building inside). This Google Maps picture below will have to suffice.

Source: Google Maps

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Music Monday: Carol of the Bells, Dubstep Style

Seeing as Christmas is in less than a week, I thought it was fitting to post a Christmas/Holiday-themed song. Enjoy.