Burger Bar in Lincoln Park, Chicago

In early November I had a chance to attend a talk by Vincent Laforet  at the Lincoln Park Apple store  about Motion in Photography and Cinematography. It was a great talk by Vincent, and afterward we all headed across the street to a restaurant called Burger Bar (http://burgerbarchicago.com).

As the name suggests, the restaurant’s primary menu item is burgers. You can get anything from a simple cheeseburger to a custom creation. If you’re feeling adventurous, but not too creative, you can try some of their signature burgers. Check out their full menu here.

As it was my first time, but still feeling adventurous (and egged on by everyone else there), I went for the elk burger with andouille sausage, pepper-onion relish, smoked gouda, and chili aioli. And instead of regular fries, I opted for the sweet potato fries. What arrived looked like quite a mess:

After biting into it, though, all I could think was, “DELICIOUS!” It was actually similar to the caribou burger from Frite Alors! in Montreal (blog post here), but with a little extra kick from the chili aioli. And the sweet potato fries had the perfect amount of crunch.

Overall, Burger Bar has a great atmosphere (a bar area and a more traditional dining area), good service, and amazing burgers (I hear their milk shakes are fantastic as well). Next time I’m in Lincoln Park for dinner, I’ll definitely be stopping by.

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