Travel & Food Tuesday: Yamatao in LA

As mentioned in my previous Tuesday post, I was in LA over Thanksgiving. My friend took me to an awesome sushi place for dinner called Yamato. I had driven past the restaurant earlier in the day, thinking it was some sort of church. I was surprised when I walked in, though. In front of me was the typical host podium, where they asked for a name and size of the party. Wet then sat down in a very comfortable lounge area and waited for our party to be called.

The main entrance of the restaurant opens up into a huge domed room, with 50 foot ceilings (at least). We later found out that the restaurant first used to be a church. It was then bought out by a bank, and now it’s a sushi restaurant. We got our table right where the domed area of the church ends and the straight portion leading to the main church starts (I wish I took pictures of the building inside). This Google Maps picture below will have to suffice.

Source: Google Maps

The atmosphere in Yamato is great, but the food is even better. We ordered the Baked Salmon, Caterpillar, Salmon Tempura, and another sushi dish I can’t remember (poorly lit pics below). The most expensive dish, the Baked Salmon (the bottom dish in the second picture), cost only $8!

All I can say is the Baked Salmon and Salmon Tempura dishes were the best sushi I’ve ever tasted. I can’t even describe how good the food was. And what a steal it was at that price! Needless to say, if I’m ever in the area, I will DEFINITELY be returning.

Yamato’s website:

My ratings:

Food: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 5/5

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