Scion Designed THAT?! (plus Aston Martin One-77 and Kia GT)

I know the LA Auto Show premiered almost a month ago (I was actually in LA at the time but didn’t have a chance to go to the show), but I just had to post about three concept cars that debuted there: the Scion FR-S, the Kia GT, and the Aston Martin One-77.

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I’ll start with the One-77. I wasn’t too surprised by Aston Martin’s design. It’s pretty much the same as all the recent cars from them, but I’ve always like their sleek design. The one difference I spotted were the sides of the front, especially around the head lights. If I had to guess, those inlets are for aerodynamic purposes, with the outlets behind the wheel arches on the doors. From the front, though, this new design feature makes the car look ugly. From every other angle the car still looks distinctly Aston Martin.

I actually wasn’t too surprised by Kia’s GT either. At the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year Kia had a few concept cars that I would never have expected from them. If I hadn’t seen those designs, I probably would have been taken completely off guard by this recent concept. The Kia GT’s design is very luxurious, and I’m curious what the prices would be should it ever be released. The strangest part of the design is the winglets in front of the head lights. I still haven’t figured out if they have any purpose. If anything, it looks like it would block some light from the head lights. The back end of the concept reminds me of Lexus and Aston Martin designs, which is probably what Kia was going for. I’m still trying to figure out what Kia has done with the side mirrors. There is a small antennae-looking, umm, thing that’s sticking out near the passenger-side door. My best guess is Kia replace the side mirrors with backward-facing cameras. Lexus did the same on a previous concept at the Chicago Auto Show, but the way Kia did it reminds me of the antennae on an Andorian in Star Trek: Enterprise (see Wikipedia). If it wasn’t for this one strange design feature, I would totally want this car.

Compared to the other two concepts, Scion’s car completely surprised me. I’ve always associated Scion with those boxy-looking cars they became famous for (see Scion xB on Wikipedia). So for Scion to design a concept that’s so sleek is just mind-blowing. I know they’ve been making more… normal cars since then, but this concept is such a departure from what Scion generally makes. Compared to Kia’s concept, though, it’s not that special. There’s no “wow factor,” other than the fact that it’s a Scion. The front has a lot of angles, which is probably what makes it look futuristic, but other than that it’s pretty normal. From the side, it’s obvious that the concept has gull-wing doors. But the handle placement near the ground seems awkward. Every time you’d want to get in, you would have to reach all the way down to the ground. Not exactly convenient. From the back, however, the concept looks awesome. If only Scion had carried over that design to the front.

Overall, some great designs coming out of the LA Auto Show, but no car maker hits any home runs with their designs. Check out full resolution images from the above slideshow in the gallery below.


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