Android App of the Week – Evernote

I’ve made a lot of changes with my phone. Most notably I ditched Sense UI on my Sensation for MIUI, but that’s for another post.

My newest favorite app is Evernote. I’ve had the app on my phone a few times already, but it’s only recently I really started using it. Although I prefer OneNote to Evernote on PC, there aren’t any good OneNote apps for Android.

With all the project I work on and my class work, organize everything is a hassle. I’ve tried bookmarks, and now I have a folder filled with bookmarks without any context. I’ve tried the Chrome extension Tab Cloud, too. It was great a first, but then my suspended sessions started adding up, and now my Tab Cloud is as big of a mess as my bookmarks. And if I happened to discover something on my phone, I would always send it to myself in an email so I could figure out what to do with it later, leaving me with tons of emails simply labeled “Links.”

Here’s where Evernote comes in. Organization is easy now. Anything I add to my notebooks on any of my three computers shows up on my phone and vice versa. But the Android app has some issues. Editing a note is time consuming. I don’t mean the actual editing part, but when you click “Edit” on a note, it takes upwards of 15 seconds for the editing screen to actually load. Not exactly ideal.

Another general issue I have with Evernote is password protecting notebooks. OneNote does this quite easily, but Evernote has the feature missing. If I upgrade to Evernote premium, I can add a pin to my Evernote app on Android, but that’s still not the same as setting a password on a notebook.

For now, it’s the best solution I can find. As soon as someone develops an easy to use OneNote app for Android,* I’m sticking with Evernote.

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*Yes, I know I can use MobileNoter, but the interface is clunky, people are reporting tons of bugs, and the app costs $15. Not worth it for now.

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