Travel & Food Tuesday – bibigo in LA

I was in LA over Thanksgiving this year, and a friend took me to two awesome restaurants, bibigo and Yamato, both in Westwood. In this post I’ll review bibigo. I’ll review Yamato in another post.

bibigo (on Broxton Ave. –

Bibimbop Hot Stone Rice

It was a warm and sunny afternoon, a welcome change from Chicago weather, so we opted to sit outside for lunch. Their outside seating area is a bit small, but they have a much larger dining area inside at the back. As we sat down, I couldn’t help but notice a selection of Izze’s (along with other drinks) inside, and ordered one when the server stopped by.

After I received my Izze, I perused their menu. The menu is fairly simple, but I was still a bit lost as this was my first time with Korean BBQ. I took my friend’s recommendation and ordered the Bibimbop Hot Stone Rice. I opted for black rice (never tried it before), bulgogi (beef), and sesame sauce.

Unfortunately, after the server dropped off our drinks, he didn’t stop by for another fifteen minutes, leaving us sitting there, our drinks now empty. After he finally showed up and took our orders, he didn’t even refill out water.

Fifteen minutes later our food came out, sizzling as the server placed our orders in front of us (see picture above).  All my annoyance with the restaurant melted away as I tasted the food. Simply put, the food was delicious.

The serving size was fairly large, and it took me fifteen minutes to finish the meal. We were all running a bit late by this time, so we looked around for the server for the check. He didn’t stop by for another ten minutes and took another five minutes with the check. The restaurant was not busy at all, so there was no reason for the server’s sub par performance. Needless to say, he did not get the best tip.

So will I go back? If I get the chance, yes. My friend told me that his previous experiences at bibigo were much better. I’m giving the restaurant the benefit of the doubt and somewhat overlooking the horrible service in the overall rating.

My ratings:

Food: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Service: 1/5

Overall: 4/5

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