Canon’s Big Hollywood Event

Canon has just announced that it will be holding a big Hollywood event on November 3rd  to make an historic announcement. The first thing that strikes me as strange is that a camera manufacturer (well, they make other stuff too) is holding a Hollywood event. Most announcements from camera companies come during tech expos or online press releases. So what’s so special that Canon has to announce it in Hollywood?

As the event is being held in Hollywood, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be something film related. There are several theories circling the internets:

  1. Canon’s announcing their partnership with Ron Howard (called Project Imagin8ion). I doubt this though, as it’s already been kind of revealed and has been going on for some time.
  2. Canon is revealing a new line of camcorders to rival Sony and Panasonic. I doubt this too, as it just doesn’t seem big enough for an announcement like this.
  3. Canon is revealing a 4K resolution camcorder costing only $15k (very reasonable compared to competitors). This is more likely, as rumors of this product began building before this announcement, but does it really deserve a red carpet event?
  4. Canon is finally revealing the much anticipated update to it’s premier HDSLR, the 5D Mark III. This is the one I’m most hopeful for. I’ve been waiting for the 5D Mark III since I fell in love with the Mark II. And the red carpet treatment would be appropriate as the camera has revolutionized the film industry. It’s successor will surely make similar, if not larger, waves. This definitely would deserve a red carpet treatment.

As an avid Canon DSLR and camcorder fan, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more rumors surrounding this event.

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