Android App of the Week: TinyShark

Android App of the Week is back! This week we take a look at TinyShark.

GrooveShark is a massively popular online music streaming service (competing with Spotify) that has tons of songs that you can listen to for free. Pony up a little money and you can remove ads and add some features. Pony up a little more and you can listen to GrooveShark on your iOS or Android device.

Now GrooveShark is a great service, but it’s not worth paying for. Many songs that I’ve searched for aren’t available, song quality isn’t uniform across the site, some songs are only snippets of the whole song, and other songs contain ads at the beginning or end. So what to do when you want to listen to one of your GrooveShark playlists on the go? The answer: TinyShark.

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TinyShark is a FREE app that accesses the songs in your GrooverShark playlists and allows you to stream them on any Android phone that supports Adobe Flash. The process is really easy. Log in via the app, choose which playlists you want to import, wait while it imports, then play your songs! On a 4G connection, this app rocks. It only takes seconds for a song to begin playing, and I rarely run into buffering issues. It also transitions from WiFi to 4G (and vice versa) gracefully, without a break playback. Occasionally I do need to reset the connection for no reason, though.

One downside: ad space right below the player controls. In portrait mode, the ad is harmless and barely noticeable. In landscape mode, however, the ad takes up quite a bit of space on the screen. This can be especially frustrating while driving, as I frequently hit the ad instead of the ‘next’ button.

There are only two additional features I wish the app had: a seek bar (or at least some indication of time left in the song) and the ability to access music in My Music, which isn’t a playlist. The easiest way to solve the second “want” is to simply create a My Music playlist and add everything to it, but a more elegant solution would be nice.

Overall, this is one of my favorite apps on my phone. And even though I had to upgrade my data plan to accommodate my listening habits during my commute, it’s totally worth it.

Android Market: TinyShark

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