Energy Crisis Solved: Use the Moon!

How do we solve the world’s energy crisis? Use the moon of course!

A team of Japanese engineers has come up with the crazy idea of using the moon as a source of solar energy. If you think about it, the idea’s genius. The moon gets direct sunlight almost all the time, so it’s the perfect place to put some solar panels. The Japanese engineers from Shimizu Corporation (remember Fukushima?) call for a “Luna Ring” comprised of almost 7,000 miles of a 12-mile wide solar panel array. That’s 84,000 square miles of solar panels, almost the size of Utah!

The massive amounts of power generated (13,000 terawatts, enough to power the entire planet 866 times over!) will be beamed down via microwaves and lasers to receiving stations all over the Earth. The company plans to use robots to build the solar array on the Moon autonomously. This does present a problem as robot still haven’t advanced quite that far.

Will we ever look up into the night sky and see a dark ring on our moon? Maybe, but probably not in our lifetimes. Either way, it’s an interesting idea that deserves a read.

Some pictures from the company’s site:

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