Groupon, Sony, Isuzu, & Other Random Videos

My latest roundup of random videos!

Groupon’s unsubscribe page video (don’t worry, this won’t actually unsubscribe you):

I remember seeing this Sony Bravia video years ago. It’s just so amazingly shot, and the music really adds to the emotion of the video:

Amazing Isuzu Gemini car commercial from the 80’s! Ridiculous stunt driving, great visuals, and catchy music combine for an awesome video:

Mr. W. It’s subtle, but get through the whole thing. It’s one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen:

Horny Durex Balloons commercial and outtake:

Never say no to Panda!

Gay French Orangina Commercial. They always tend to have some crazy advertising:

A supposedly banned Pop Rock commercial (although the production value doesn’t quite look up to TV standards):

Chaser’s War on Everything- British Comedy Sketch (If you don’t know what Chaser’s War on Everything is, just do a Youtube search. You’ll be entertained for hours):

What happens when you combine Tesla Coils & Microsoft Kinect? An Evil Genius Machine!

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