Google Gags

I recently stumbled upon some past Google April Fool’s jokes. They made me laugh, so I thought I’d share them:

Virgle: The Adventure of Many Lifetimes

Virgin and Google band together to start a base on Mars and begin taking applications for Pioneers. It’s all very convincing, until the last page of their 100-year plan. Or you might figure it out during the “application process.” Google went all-out with this gag, even showing videos from Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin) and from Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders):

Google Chrome with 3D:

It’s fairly self-explanatory. Check out the page, it’s pretty funny.

Google TiSP: Going with the Flow:

Google TiSP (short for Toilet Internet Service Provider) would allow users to get free wireless internet via a cable sent through your toilet, into the sewage system, and connected to a TiSP Access Node. My favorite quote:

“To offset the cost of providing the TiSP service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward.”

Clicking around will eventually lead you this this funny error page.

Google MentalPlex:


  • Remove hat and glasses.
  • Peer into MentalPlex circle. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD.
  • Project mental image of what you want to find.
  • Click or visualize clicking within the MentalPlex circle.”


“As a Google user, you’re familiar with the speed and accuracy of a Google search. How exactly does Google manage to find the right results for every query as quickly as it does? The heart of Google’s search technology is PigeonRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University.”

Google Copernicus Center:

“Google is interviewing candidates for engineering positions at our lunar hosting and research center, opening late in the spring of 2007. This unique opportunity is available only to highly-qualified individuals who are willing to relocate for an extended period of time, are in top physical condition and are capable of surviving with limited access to such modern conveniences as soy low-fat lattes, The Sopranos and a steady supply of oxygen. “

Google Gulp: Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge

“At Google our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it useful and accessible to our users. But any piece of information’s usefulness derives, to a depressing degree, from the cognitive ability of the user who’s using it. That’s why we’re pleased to announce Google Gulp (BETA)™ with Auto-Drink™ (LIMITED RELEASE), a line of “smart drinks” designed to maximize your surfing efficiency by making you more intelligent, and less thirsty.”

Google Romance: Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google

“When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot. Google Romance™ is our solution.”

However, if you try to upload a profile, you get a funny error page.

Hope you enjoyed those Google Gags. Let’s see what Google has in store for us this year.

Would you have fallen for any of those gags? Leave a comment below!

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